Directing Actors for Film and TV Workshop With Pete Travis

5th to the 8th of June | Online

This will be a unique opportunity to develop your skills in Directing Actors with one of today’s most versatile directors. You will have an educational experience of excellence in a small and intimate group of only 25 participants, with BAFTA winner Pete Travis, who directed films such as Omagh, Endgame, Dredd and Vantage Point.

Pete Travis is a director specially skilled in directing actors. Pete has directed actors such as Dennis Quaid, Forest Whitaker, Matthew Fox, Sigourney Weaver, William Hurt, Riz Ahmed, Billie Piper, Chiwetel Ejioford, Gerard Butler, and many more. He will share his knowledge along four days in a small intimate group for what surely is a great opportunity.

This 4 days intensive workshop is  limited to 25 participants, so we advise to register fast to guarantee your place. The workshop fee is 499EUR, but we are offering a special Discounted fee until the 15th of May, costing only 299 EUR. 

The workshop will take place online. FEST FILM LAB has always been a project of high-level knowledge sharing and networking, on the next few months we will be hosting the workshops online, however we will maintain not only the standard of quality you came to expect with the best experts available, but also the networking and interactivity of the workshops:

-The workshop group will have a limited number of  25 participants.

– We will maintain the possibility of troubleshooting projects you have been involved or challenges you are facing. We will introduce new tools to enhance the interactivity between participants.

– We have rearranged the session of the workshop that will take place on 4 days instead of the typical 2 days, so that the workshop is less overwhelming, as the typical two full days online would impact the capacities of the participants to absorb the content.

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Established director and BAFTA winner Pete Travis actually had a late start in his filmmaking career: before becoming a director, Pete Travis was a social worker. However, inspired by Alan Clarke and Costa-Gavras, he decided to take a post-graduate course in filmmaking. Soon after graduation he acquired the rights to Faith, a short story written by Nick Hornby, and presented his first short film at the London TV Festival, in 1997.
Later, he directed episodes of Cold Feet (1999) and the TV series Other People’s Children (2000), as well as The Jury (2002) mini-series, and the TV movie Henry VIII (2003), featuring Helena Bonham-Carter and Mark Strong.
Impressed with his work, Paul Greengrass (director of Captain Phillips), sent Travis a script that he co-wrote with Guy Hibbert – Omagh. The film premiered in 2004 at the Toronto International Film Festival, where it won the Discovery Award. The film also won the 2005 BAFTA Award for Best Single Drama.
Vantage Point, was his first major motion film, starring Dennis Quaid and Matthew Fox. It was released in the USA, in 2008. Just one year later, in January of 2009, Pete Travis took to Sundance to premiere Endgame, which dramatizes the last days of Apartheid in South Africa and stars Chiwetel Ejiofor, William Hurt, Jonny Lee Miller and Mark Strong.
Later, Travis directed a film adaptation of the popular UK comic book series, Dredd (2012). In Travis’ feature film, Karl Urban takes on the role of judge Dredd with Olivia Thirlby playing his young accomplice. The film quickly gathered a cult following.
Pete Travis most recent film work stars Riz Ahmed and Billie Piper: City of Tiny Lights (2016) – a crime thriller film, written by Patrick Neate and based on his own novel of the same name.
You can find his full list of credits on IMDb.
The Directing Actors for Film workshop will focus on a diversity of topics of the art of directing actors, you will have the chance of not only receive this knowledge from Pete Travis, but also interact in a very strong way, as the group will have up to 25 participants, making it extremely practical and interactive. You will also have the opportunity to assess the issues you encountered on your films, and receiving the feedback to unblock situations in the future.

The workshop will also cover the following structure:

Introduction to “acting” / How to actors work?
The Actor/Director relationship
Letting the actors to build their own characters
The Actor’s tools and methodologies
The director in a casting
What is a character?
The importance of the story through the eyes of the character
Planning Rehearsal – What to Rehearse and Why.
Rehearsal Tools
Directing The Character


How to communicate with actors
Staging the Scene and Blocking the Action
How the camera affects performance.
Business and endowment
Keeping performances dynamic and the actors engaged.
Keeping the set as a creative environment.
What to ask for in a new take.
Maintaining Continuity – Emotional and Physical

Participant ProfileThe workshop designed for Directors, Assistant Directors, Film Students, or anyone serious about a career in the Film Business on the area of Directing Actors.

Practical InformationDuration: 4 days Dates:  5 – 8 of June 20239AM – 1PM (London)
10AM – 2PM (Brussels)
4AM – 8AM (New York)
1:30PM – 5:30PM (Los Angeles)
12PM – 4PM (Dubai)
4PM – 8PM (Beijing)
Location: OnlinePrice: 499EUR (299EUR with 40% discount until the 15th of May)
Number of participants: 25
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